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Working with bronze is a very visual experience, from the powerful red glow of the molten metal in the crucible to the myriad patterns of its microstructures under the microscope. We will be sharing our visual experiences here and on our video page in this media section. You can check out our images here (more to come!)

Visuals - Video and 3D models

The Breaking the Mould project uses a variety of visualisations including 3D models and videos

Visit our SketchFab page to interact with our 3D models

During the course of the project we will be making short explanatory videos of our experimental work with bronze tools and weapons. You will find these on our Pinterest page, but for now here is one I made earlier...

This is a video Barry made some years back of him making a copper model of a Bronze Age shield. We say 'model' rather than replica, as it was intended to reproduce the minimal mechanical strengths of a Bronze Age shield for the purpose of testing against replica bronze swords. With full expectation that it would be destroyed rapidly, barry made one with a close approximation of mechanical strengths if not aesthetic features. He got a little carried away playing with the video making, but found it rather funny so left the soundtrack and dodgy editing. Enjoy, it still makes us smile!

Social Media

You can follow the work of our project on Facebook

We will also be uploadng our photos and videos on Pinterest


A core part of the project will be to build a database of metallographic datasets. This is being designed in collabortion with Frank Lynam of, and will use open-source software and open-linked data following the principles of the semantic web.

Stay tuned for updates in this section in December 2015